Alchemist Limited

Pharmaceutical Division

Competing in a market that is currently worth Rs 40,000 Cr and growing at over 12% per year, Alchemist Group's Pharmaceutical unit is set to break new ground and become a major player by 2020 with a substantial market share in specific segments.

Founded in 2001, our state of the art plant in Solan, Himachal Pradesh produces both generic and own-brand tablets, capsules and dry syrups. Our 150 strong team produces numerous drugs including Colostrum (IgTg Forte), Milk Calcium (Valcal M), Biodic/P Myelin in three different forms, Tramadol combinations, Alpha Galactocidase and new formulations like Diacerin with Glucosamime, Nitazoxanide combination and latest muscle relaxant Thiocholchicoside (Thiodic.)Our Branded Generic Divisions has been focusing predominantly on products for nursing homes, dispensing doctors and regional clinics.

Our distribution network is well established across the country right up to the village level and can ensure delivery of any product within 72 hours. We are vertically integrated and incorporate all aspects of industry processesin-house from manufacture to packaging, sales and marketing.

Our future plans include bringing in numerous vaccination and diagnostic solutions from overseas with exclusive distribution rights in India as well as the development of a suite of 5 new patented alternative health remedies under the Neutraceuticals brand name.

Vision, strategy and outcome

Vision: To become a specialty focused holistic healthcare company and preferred partner for patient care in the Chosen Areas of pediatrics, psychiatry, critical care, metabolic disorders and pain.

Mission: Save lives, relieve suffering and illuminate minds of 20 Million People by year 2020.

Portfolio - Launch preferred molecule for Pediatrics, Psychiatrist, Orthopedics, Critical care during the first year. Build portfolio in Life Style segment through In licensing /co-marketing, bio-similar, nanotechnology based products (In licensing).

Technical Collaboration: Technical Collaboration: Alchemist Limited (Alchemist) has entered into a business transfer and brand ownership agreement on June 18th 2014 with Shaun Pharmaceuticals Limited Chennai.

Shasun Pharmaceuticals is a Chennai based BSE/NSE listed company with presence in Europe and as part of the agreement 17 brands with 37 SKUs (As per annexure) has been acquired by Alchemist. Sales of these 17 products was 7.17 crore in FY 2013-14.

Addititonally a specialist doctor population of 19000,300 additional stockiest have come to the panel of Alchemist Ltd. This collaboration is set to add a significant revenue jump to Alchemist.

Moreover Shasun Pharmaceutical has strong R& D capabilities and has transferred their first recombinant streptokinase (lifesaving cardiac drug) to Alchemist. The product is developed in collaboration with CSIR Chandigarh. Shasun will continue to manufacture streptokinase and other three technically superior products as a part of MOU.

Marketing Strategy - Add years to Life & Life to Years Alchemist’s marketing model is primarily cause based and societal in nature and approach. We intend to address the need for achieving physical and mental wellbeing for special population and patient groups. Healthcare related interventional and preventive products launched by Alchemist are meant to be part of a holistic healthcare solution. Alchemist is going to launch a special campaign called Messenger of Life-An initiative towards providing help to patients and doctors during cardiac emergencies.

From year 2016n Long term we plan for wider patient’s coverage &OTC Switch through conventional and E-Commerce Platforms from our generic portfolio.

Geography and market Coverage Plan– Metro /Class I/II presence-Select Patches. Increased Exposure to class III/IV towns during medium and develop rural/Extra Urban marketing infrastructure from 3rd year.

Customer Class –Leverage existing relationship with General Physicians, specialist for immediate business growth also target and commercially large accounts like corporate hospital with new range through launch of value based partnership towards better delivery of patient care.

In summary, these initiatives are very much likely to help Alchemist Ltd (Pharma Division) to achieve high supra market growth and successively increasing profits (As per projection).