Group History

Early History

In 1981, the ball was set rolling for what is today the Alchemist Group. In 1988 the first factory was set up in Chandigarh, producing wire mesh and link fencing for the growing security, construction and poultry business segments. The company was then called Toubro Industries.

The Growth

In 1994, the process of becoming a conglomerate was initialised by floating Toubro Industries on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and diversifying the overall portfolio by investing into real estate, floriculture and other businesses. The name was then changed to Alchemist in 2004.

In 2002 , an opportunity in the fragmented poultry market in India was identified and a fully integrated poultry processing farm and plant was created in Punjab managing every aspect of the process from feed and hatcheries to packaging and retail. This led to the creation of Republic of Chicken in 2008 as a full-fledged Poultry retail brand closing the loop from feed to consumer.

In 2004 Alchemist further diversified into Healthcare by acquiring a Hospital in Panchkula and then by investing in a functioning Pharmaceutical plant in 2006. By this time the conglomerate was well underway.

Going Public

Following the flotation of Toubro Industries on the BSE in 1994, Alchemist Limited was taken further public on the NSE in 2007 and this led to a large influx of capital for expansion and growth

The Conglomerate is Born

From 2006 onwards it was decided that it's time to take Alchemist into the 21st century by investing in all of India’s “sunshine industries.” The company would now focus on Infrastructure, Agriculture, Food Processing, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate Development and the new and exciting area of Hospitality.