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Alchemist Group transmutes ordinary businesses into Golden opportunities. We inject our DNA into markets and entrepreneurs and then let the Alchemy take over.

Launched in 1981 by Dr. K.D Singh, Alchemist Group is now a Rs. 10,000 Cr (100 Billion) group and one of India's fastest growing Conglomerates. Our Group currently comprises of 11 companies with over 9,800 employees across India and the World. Our vision is to become a Top 20 Indian diversified conglomerate by 2020 in all of India's major "Sunrise Industries". Our business interests fall under 6 main verticals: Food Processing, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Road Technologies, Healthcare and Education. We also have interests in Pharmaceuticals, Steel Mesh, Aviation, Real Estate and Tea. We are a socially and ethically responsible Group and have a stellar record in human resources, global standards, environmental awareness and philanthropy. Come and experience the Alchemy of working with us and watch your aspirations turn into Gold.

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